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Aquagold Finetouch Device - Gold Pack (20 Units)

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  • AQUAGOLD® Gold Pack (20 Units)

    AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ is a patented screw thread microchannel device that delivers micro-droplets of treatment solutions directly into the dermis, allowing for greater absorption of the active ingredients. AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ treatments may be provided prior to, during, or following other common aesthetic treatments with no pain, bleeding, bruising, or swelling. AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ is a single-patient single-use disposable device. For medical professional use only.


    • Number of Microchannels: 20
    • Length of Microchannels: 600 µm (0.6 mm)
    • Width of Microchannels: 130 µm (0.13 mm)
    • Microchannel construction: Surgical-grade stainless steel (SUS 316L)
    • Microchannel coating: Hypoallergenic 24K Gold plating
    • Vial Volume: 8 mL / 5 mL
    • Certification: ISO 13845
    • Package: Sterilized for single-use

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  • WHO CAN USE AQUAGOLD FINE TOUCH? Aquagold fine touch is for professional use only. For licenced injectors, prescribers and medically qualified persons; proof of your qualifications / certification is required before purchasing. Aquagold fine touch treatments must always be performed by a qualified practitioner.
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    WHAT ARE AQUAGOLD FINE TOUCH TREATMENT COSTS & FORMULATIONS? Aquagold Fine Touch is a single use sterile vial, enabling you to make your clinics signature cocktail or a bespoke cocktail dependent on each patients skin concerns / goals. The cost of the Aquagold treatment is determined by the cocktail, this may include ingredients like: Non cross linked hyaluronic acid, Vitamins, Growth Factors, Nano-peptide active ingredients, Autologous conditioned plasma, Toxins (Micro-toxins - this is superficial, no effect on muscle).
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